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2020 Gulfport Reunion:
NMCB 62 will hold our reunion in conjunction with the Gulfport All Seabee Reunion.

Great News! The 2020 Gulfport All Seabee Reunion will be held from:
Thursday, 23 April thru Sunday, 26 April 2020.
Plan to check out on Monday 27 April 2020.

This is the hotel website:
Best Western Hotel - Gulfport, MS
It is the same hotel as the 2019 reunion.

Unfortunately, the reunion committee will no longer be able to publish the EMAILED Reunion Information and Event list. However, Bob Smith will send me the registration and events forms and I will post them on our NMCB 62 Facebook page, so you can copy them.

This is Gulfport Seabee Island X-1 Facebook page for current info:
2020 All Seabee Reunion-Gulfport, MS

The 2020 April Gulfport reunion dates are:
Thursday, 23 April 2020, late afternoon start, thru Sunday, 27 April 2020.

Our annual NMCB 62 meeting will be (approx)  1030, Sunday morning and will be followed by the final all-reunion picnic (at the hotel), which should end about 2+PM Sunday afternoon.   After the picnic, many Minutemen and their wives gather around to chat and have some refreshments.  Many photos will be taken.  Remember to bring your camera. Note:  I will put the reunion registration and event forms on our NMCB 62 Facebook page.

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