NMCB 62 History

NMCB 62 First Deployment - Operation Order to Camp Lejeune for Pre-Deployment Training prior to Vietnam
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U.S. Navy Seabee Museum Online Reading Room

NMCB 62 Deployment By Number

Vietnam-era Seabees Memorial - Gulfport Mississippi

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NMCB 62 Member UTCS Irvin Hornkohl, WWII and Vietnam Veteran writes a book about his life adventures titled "Just Do It, Crazy or Not". Click here to view more information.


NMCB 62 Decommissioning Ceremony, 28 July 1989

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NMCB 62 Veteran SW2 Robert Stethem, murdered by terrorists in June 1985


Blizzard 1978 - Rhode Island Proclamation

Names of NMCB 62 Minutemen Killed in Action (KIA) during the Vietnam War


"Glen Charles LUDBAN, KIA 6/30/69"


The Complete Listing of all NMCB 62 Main Body Deployments from 1966 - 1989

23 August 1968, Mortar Rocket Attack

"Reflections by SW3 Glenn "Willie" Williams' 1966 - '68. First two tours in Nam"


NMCB 62 Commissioning Ceremony, 2 July 1966

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NMCB 62 Chronology from 1966 to 1989.


Bob Ventimiglia History/Reflection - 1966 to 2014

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NCB 62 WWII Chronology from Dec 1942 to Sep 1945. 

Trent Meredith Letter - August 15, 1945

Trent Meredith, CCM, USNR, was the Editor in Chief of the WWII Cruise Book.

He wrote this letter to his wife and family on V-J Day.

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Our written history from 1942 to 1976 taken

 from the "WESTPAC" 76 Cruise Book.


The MCB 62 Wives Club Cook Book from 1977 and how it came into my possession; by Alice Huffman

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