List of names for each det!

Det Solomons and Det Thurmont on the 5th Deployment
May 71 to Jan 72

Detail Solomon was a detachment during the Gitmo deployment. We were based at Patuxent River NAS, and were ferried daily across the river to work on a Naval recreational facility. From the 1971-72 Cruise Book: Detail SOLOMONS left Gulfport on 20 May 1971, with the assignment of constructing a recreation complex at the Naval Ordnance laboratory Test Facility at Solomons, Maryland. Under the direction of Ltjg John E. Rectenwald they completed marina buildings, a trailer park, clubhouse improvements, and the rehabilitation of several bungalows. They also worked on an exterior lighting system, performed grading and paving and completed several miscellaneous projects in their eight months in Maryland. There was also another detachment at Thurmont, Maryland, also under the direction of Ltjg Rectenwald. From the Cruise Book: Detail THURMONT spent their eight months providing construction support to the Public Works Office, Naval Support Facility, at Thurmont, Maryland. Their projects included land clearing and a staff support facility building. Their job was particularly interesting because the Naval Support Facility at Thurmont contains the retreat Camp David. Ltjg John E. Rectenwald was the OIC of Detail THURMONT. Pictures and rosters are contained on pages 38 - 43 of the 71-72 Cruise Book. Thanks for all you do Norm!
- Al Harris

Det. Buford - 4-70 to 11-70

Det. Barracuda - 7-69 to 12-69

BU2 Jim Thomas - 3rd Deployment Mar 69 to Nov 69 (video)

Jim Thomas sends the DVD to Sec Norm on 6-13-2016 with the following note. "Norm, This the tape from MCB 62 Vietnam tour 1969, at Dong HA. (The third deployment).  The tapes were made in Quang Tri and Dong Ha, and various jobs we had while in country.  Thank you for what you do.  If you have any questions feel free to call me.  Cell:  228-861-6979.  Thanks, Jim Thomas.