New Alumni Members passwords ready.

Updated 6-6-2016

 Only PAID alumni members  have access to the ten "password required" areas that Secretary Norm has been collecting and adding to since this website first went on-line in October 2008.

Personal passwords have been emailed to current  dues paying alumni group member whose current email address is entered into our database.  Note:  if the email address entered in your database does not match the email address you are currently using, password protected access will be denied until your correct email address is entered into your database.

 NMCB 62 Minutemen NOT having paid memberships or whose dues have expired will not be able to enter any of the ten password protected parts of this website.

The database, # 21: Bios: Members Only, contains information on over 2200 NMCB 62 Minutemen, other invited Seabees and a small number of  Seabees stationed in Scotland, Ireland and England.    The database (# 21) contains the same information submitted via  website Link # 7 including the biography of that person.  Information is also taken from Facebook and emails from other individuals.  Depending upon the amount of information provided, some biographies are very short and others run for several thousand words. 

 In addition, if a Minuteman  mentions any of his shipmates in his biography, that is cross-referenced in both biographies.  Several of you have written biographies for your Minuteman buddies and they are also in the database.  All data contained on every individual is exactly as  provided, unedited except for spelling errors and removing really bad cuss words.

Each individual biography can be printed. 

If your name is not on Link # 8,  Paid Membership List, you will not be able to enter any of the ten password protected areas.  To become a dues paying member, click on link #7,  fill in the blanks and click "submit".  Then write out a check and mail it to Secretary Norm.  See link # 19 for his mailing address.  Membership dues cost LESS than 3 cents a day!!  What are you waiting for?  Join now! 

If you have any questions email me at normhahnjr@yahoo.com  or call my cell mornings CST at 715-379-8482.  Leave your name and a message and I'll get back to you.    

Note:  Some Browsers require logging in two times before entry is granted.


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