NMCB 62 Member UTCS Irvin Hornkohl, WWII and Vietnam Veteran writes a book about his life adventures titled "Just Do It, Crazy or Not".

Chief Irvin Hornkohl, a 30 year Navy veteran, along with author Mary Penner, has written a book about his lifeís adventures. The book, Just Do It, Crazy or Not, is published by Manzano Alley Press (www.manzanoalley.com). As a Seabee, Irvin served two tours in Vietnam with NMCB 62 and 6201. Written in his natural storytelling voice, readers view the Vietnam War from the perspective of a Seabee. He had several close encounters with the Viet Cong while working with the local Vietnamese to improve their living conditions. Irvin was also a resident Seabee at American embassies in Prague, behind the Iron Curtain, and in Cambodia in the early 1970s when the Khmer Rouge battled for control of that country.

Now 88 years old, Irvinís Navy adventures began long before Vietnam. He was a 17 year old raw recruit assigned to the USSOklahoma in 1941. A twist of fate enabled him to survive the attack at Pearl Harbor. He went on to serve on 11 wartime patrols on three submarines, and he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for heroic conduct for a nighttime rescue of Australian commandos on the island of Timor in 1943.

Order a copy of the book and learn more about the unforgettable Irvin Hornkohl at the publisherís website: www.manzanoalley.com