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February 2011 4th Annual East Coast All Seabee Reunion
was held at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel in Hampton, Virginia

These photos gracously provided by Vietnam-era-Seabee official photographer
Mike Goode, USN, Retired, from Carleton, Michigan
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October 2010 Gulfport, MS Reunion

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August 2010 Moline, IL Reunion 


Febuary 2010 Seabee Reunion in Hampton, VA.

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Members at Gulfport, MS October 2009




Reunion Hampton VA Febuary 2009


Mike Bongiorno, My new license plate on my 2008 Dodge Ram pick-up


Rember  this one?

July 79-March 80

Web Master Emeritus

Billy Millican

 Pictures of Diego Garcia taken by LTjg John Crosby,  Charlie Company Commander on the '77 Diego Garcia deployment. 

Some of the photos were taken in 1976 when I made a trip to the "Rock" while stationed with the OICC office in Manila

                                                                           Bob Hope and Red Fox at the U.S.O. show on Diego Garcia. 


Above picture is Mike Geno operating dozer, not sure who he ran over.
This one is Chad Turner on right helping to pull shipmate from underneath the dozer's track. 
Note: I directed this fake accident - pretty good eh?
I'm not sure who the other guys are in this picture.
I can't believe I walked out on these tubes and took this picture!
I was on this detail to hook up the cement syphoning tubes.
Here's a beautiful sunset photo on Diego at low tide.  Note:  I'm not sure who is walking along the beach.



Photographs courtesy of Alton "Al" L. Archer, CM2, USN, stationed with NMCB 62 from January 1969 to November 1970.

Nickname: "Rock Ape"

Photos added to the Minutemen Website May 2010

Norman, I have about 175 slides I have scanned into my computer. I will send you a CD copy of them if you would like them on the NMCB 62 website. Most are from the Dong Ha area up to the Rockpile. Some are from DaNang. I can remember where some were taken, and maybe someone else will know where some of the others were taken.

Norm; I'm going to try to send the pictures. I have them split up in four bunches - first bunch from Dong Ha- Rockpile area from the 1969 deployment. I was on the service truck for awhile. At the Rockpile I was on the supply truck. That is the one with the 50 Cal. on top. I had a driver and I would sit in back on the 50 Cal. after we would leave main base, most of the time it was after the security was pulled off of RT LTL9. The pictures of the rock slide are at bridge 912 on way to Rockpile, there is one of Camlo Bridge and one of the Camlo rock crusher, some of air strikes on the Rockpile, and some photos of the big guns at the Rockpile.

The second bunch is from the DaNang area, some from the hill 55 work site, the blown up equipment is from that area. I've put captions on some of the ones I could remember.

The third bunch is some USO shows and I think they are up at Dongha. I'm real not real sure maybe someone else can put a name to some of them.

The forth bunch is all of the previous three combined.

I have made a list by the numbers on the bottom of the pictures. I hope they will come up when you download off of the CD. Photos # 083, 084, 089, 090, and 102 are at bridge 912. Photos # 086, 100, and 155 are home at Rockpile. Photo # 091 is the shop at dongha. Photos # 106 and 118 are the coffer dam outside dongha. Photo # 129 is water crossing at bridge 912. Photos # 126 and 150 are the big guns at Rockpile.

 Photos # 128, 143, 144, 145, 149, 153, and 154 are the Rockpile area. Photo # 217 is the 8in mobile gun: # 228 is Camlo bridge: # 187 is the Camlo rock crusher: # 003 is my 5 ton with 50 cal. on top that I carried supplies to the Rockpile. Photos # 006, 033, 034 and 035 are air strikes on the Rockpile:  # 011 is a 5 ton fuel truck: # 014 is a TS-24 that has a big OOPS! Photos # 108, 120, 122, 123, 142, are DaNang area hill 55: # 257 is Spud Almond and #248 is Larry Farris sitting & George Muskiganis standing. # 269 is my service old gas deuce.

 I hope someone else can tell where some of the other pictures are from; I've got some more pictures I'll send later.

Norman: I put the picture CD in the mail today I hope you'll get them the first of next week. I didn't know you were an old wrench turner, I've worked on everything from the big stuff we had in MCB to big boat to   big trucks. I worked in truck shop for over twenty years,

I left there about three years ago I'm now working for the Maryland State Police as a DOT inspector I know how they work so I know what to   look for and we find a lot of bad things.

  If I can help anyone with there slides let me know, I'm just learning a lot about the computer. the scanner I got dose a good job and it's not hard to use. You’ll see that the slides I sent don't look to bad

  for there age, I can do more as soon as I learn more about the photo shop program to take more of the dust and junk out.

  To bad we didn't have any trucks like the one in these four pictures. They are my nephews.


Al Archer, NMCB 62 Minuteman & Alumni Group Member 

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1969 Dong Ha and Gulfport, MS.  Five groups of photos taken by EA2 Paul "Wally" Wollenhaupt

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Ninety-six photos taken by Plank Owner MR2 Gary Purdue (now deceased),

A Co. Machine Shop, during his two tours in Vietnam 1966 - '68

Seabee Beacon 1969 Sugar Bowl

Norman E. Hahn

Photo's of Edzell, Scotland October 1967 to August 1972

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