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The COMPLETE HISTORY of every WWII and post WWII Seabee Unit.  Provided by the US Navy Seabee Museum:                 http://www.history.navy.mil/museums/seabee/UnitHistoricalInformation.htm   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the history of the Seabees:   http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq67-1.htm      

MCB 1 Website:  http://mcb1.com    Contact Peter Dowd,  781-837-0393,         mcb1reunion@verizon.net 

NMCB 1 Vietnam Era Website:  http://www.mcb-1.com/navigation.html  

MCB 2, CBMU 1/101, CBD 1802, CBD 1804 and CBMU 577 Reunion Assoc:       http://mcb2seabeereunion.com/   Contact Scott Williams  williash@aol.com 

NMCB 3 Website:  http://nmcb3.org   Contct Jack Davis    nmcb3vra@hotmail.com 

NMCB 4:  Al Duncan 610-247-2162.     Duncansa2000@yahoo.com  

NMCB 5 Website:  http://nmcb5.org    Contact Linda Miers  gmahusker@gmail.com  

6th Special NCB Station Log, 1943 - 1945:   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tqpeiffer/Documents/MILITARY%20%20Vets%20-%20Units/Military%20Units/6th%20Spec.%20Const.%20Batt..htm#_CAMPAIGNS   

6th Special Seabees, WWII:  http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_6th_ncb.html    

NMCB 6 Website:  http://www.mcb6.org    Contact John Bevier  jbevier@michweb.net 

NMCB 7 Website:  http://www.mcb7.com   or contact Denny Blaisdell at mcb7ra@yahoo.com    

Eight Ball Battalion.   8th NCB in WWII (1942-1945):    http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/the8ball/main.html                          

NMCB 8 Association Website:       http://nmcb8.com 

MCB 9:  Contact Dave Kurre -  dskurre@att.net   

 9th SPNCB WWII:  Contact John Arnott    poppyjohn660@gmail.com     

NMCB 10 Association Website - NEW:  http://www.nmcbten.org     Contact Bill Annett at mcb10bill@yahoo.com         

NMCB 10 Association Website - OLD:      http://nmcb10.org     Contact Bill Annett at seabeebill@cox.net 

NMCB 10 Vietnam Pictures:  http://www.seabee-rvn.com/mcb-10      

NMCB 10 Seabees in Vietnam after 7 May 1965

MCB 11 Website:  http://www.mcb11.com/index.htm                Contact Larry Hagler at mcb11.reunion@earthlink.net 

NMCB 12 Website:  http://nmcb12.org   

NMCB 13 Command History:  http://www.mcb13.org/history.htm 

NMCB 14 Alumni Group Website:  http://www.nmcb14alumni.com    Contact Fred Bossard   bossarf@mac.com 

NMCB 22 in Vietnam 1968 � 1969

NMCB 23 Website:  http://www.nmcb23.org/index.htm    

25th Naval Construction Battalion in WWII:       http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_25th_ncb.html         

31st NCB of WWII:   http://www.31st-seabees.com    

34th NCB in WWII as seen and documented by Chief Warrant Officer Samuel H. Hall, CEC, USNR:      http://robroy.dyndns.info/seabee_scrapbook/index.php 

NMCB 53 Alumni Association, WWII and Vietnam:       http://www.mcb53.com/index.html 

56th NCB:  Contact Bill Rosevally   billrosevally@aol.com  

 NMCB 58 Website:  http://nmcb58.org 

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