Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 62 Alumni Group

Upcoming Reunions

THE 2022 GULFPORT ALL SEABEE REUNION & THE NMCB 62 REUNION. The most current information is on TOP.

2-13-2022: If you are not on our NMCB 62 Facebook page, email Secretary Norm and he will email you the 5 page reunion forms.

2-9-2022: The April 2022 All Seabee Reunion Registration Forms & Events Forms are now on our NMCB 62 Facebook page and can be printed out. You can also email Sec Norm and he will email them to you.

2-7-2022: Monday at 2:40 PM CST. This is secretary Norm: Many have emailed me and as of right now I do NOT have anymore info or registration forms from the All Seabee Reunion Committee regarding the 21 to 24 April 2022 Gulfport reunion. As soon as I get ANY info from them, I will put it right here for all of you.

16 Aug 2021: Sec Norm emails Bob Smith, CB Historical Foundation, GP & Reunion Committee Member:

Bob, Do you have any more info about the Gulfport all Seabee reunion that you can pass along to me so I can share with the NMCB 62 folks? In our last email you mentioned the dates as Thurs 21 April thru Sun 24 April 2022 and that the hotel will again be the Best Western Seaway Inn on Hwy 49. That was all the info you had at that time. Can you pass along any more info?

From: Bob Smith To: Norm Hahn Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 07:45:52 AM CDT

Hi Norm, yes you need to mention the All Seabee Reunion to get the special rates. I don’t know the rates off the top of my head, but they are higher than they have been in the past. The weekday rate is cheaper than the weekend rate. We have not published anything yet. We don’t have a notice because we still have to talk with folks to set up tours. As soon as we lock everything in I will get back to you. V/R, Bob (Smith).

Jon Scott To: Norm Hahn Tue, Aug 17 at 11:30 AM

Norm, attached is hotel information for the 2022 All Seabee Reunion. Tell your folks to mention "All Seabee Reunion" when making reservations. Thanks, Jon (Scott).

Note: Jon Scott is the President of the GP Historical Foundation & the Reunion Committee Chairman. This is an attachment from Jon’s email about the hotels.

2022 All Seabee Reunion April 21 – 24, 2022 Gulf Coast Event Center Hotels BEST WESTERN SEAWAY INN– (228) 864-0050. $79 (Sun-Thurs), $124 (Fri – Sat) (minimum 2 night stay).

QUALITY INN GULFPORT– (228) 868-3300 $74 (Sun-Thurs), $114 (Fri-Sat) (minimum 2 night stay).

Complimentary HOT Breakfast is included in the above rate each morning. Hotel’s room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes (currently 12%) in effect at the time of check-out.

Sec Norm says: Here is the NEW Island X-1 Facebook page about the 2022 All Seabee Reunion: 2022 All Seabee Reunion-Gulfport, MS. My advice is to make your reservations NOW because the hotels are booked on a first come first serve basis (having a reservation),

The NMCB 62 Alumni Group is planning on having our 2022 Annual Meeting on Sunday morning, about 0930, in the main room of the Seaway Hotel. This will be prior to the final going-away picnic at the hotel around Sunday noon.

Also note in Bob Smith’s email that the tours are not planned yet by the reunion committee. But Bob says there will be tours.

       ************************* Above is the most current 2022 NMCB 62 reunion info about the Gulfport All Seabee Reunion  ************************

7-30-2021: Hi James, & Roman, I do have "some" info on the 2022 Gulfport reunion. So far Island X-1 has it scheduled for April 21, Thursday thru Sunday, April 24. It looks like it will be at the same hotel, the nice Best Western Seaway, where it has been the last 2-3 years. But, don't make your reservations yet. It is not set in stone. Our alumni group will try to have our annual meeting Sunday morning the 24th. We have a reunion link on our website, link 1 and that info has been published there. That info is also on our NMCB 62 facebook page. When the folks in Gulfport tell me more specific info, I'll publish it as fast as I can so everyone can make hotel reservations. Committeeman Bob Smith is very good about keeping us in the loop as well as he can. In the meantime, keep an eyeball on website link 1 and our facebook page. It is OK to email me also if you want. The elephant in the room is the COVID resurgence. So all of us will have to depend on the Gulfport reunion bosses to make the decisions. Be careful and keep safe, Norm. NMCB 62 Alumni Group secretary.

7-13-2021: Hello Norm,
The All Seabee Reunion is scheduled for 21 – 24 April 2022. Jon (Scott) is talking with the Hotel (Best Western Seaway Inn on Hwy 49) and caterer’s still. No tours have been set up at this time. Bob (Bob Smith, Reunion Committee) This is Secretary Norm: Mark the dates on your calendar. I'll put out more info when I get it from Bob.

6-5-2021: I emailed Bob Smith, a member of Island X-1 Gulfport, and one of the leaders of the Gulfport All Seabee Reunion asking him how the reunion committee was coming with the plans for the 2022 Gulfport All Seabee Reunion. Here is his response: Hello Norm, We are planning an 80th Anniversary All Seabee Reunion next year. I will have to get with Jon (Scott) to lock in the dates. Have a great weekend, Bob. - end of his email to me. The 2022 Gulfport All Seabee Reunion looks to be a "GO". So the 2022 NMCB 62 reunion will also be a GO. I'll put more details on our page as they become available.